Event Series: Rooftops can be more than just green!

Embark on a rooftop adventure with this special episode, marking the start of our thrilling Event Series. Discover the power of green rooftops as we delve into biodiversity, community engagement, and sustainability. From Munich’s rooftop gardens to insightful discussions, learn how rooftops can unite humans and nature. Recorded live from our very first event on April 16th.

Conference: Community garden on JU Campus

Jagiellonian University

Discover the implementation of the community garden at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland! Join us on May 15th for an innovative conference dedicated to exploring the transformative power of community gardens on university campuses. Engage with experts and explore our pioneering community garden firsthand. Register now to secure your spot and be part of shaping a greener future for campuses in Poland and beyond!

Rooftops can be more than just green!


Join us in a discussion with scientists, green roof producers and local residents to share insights and strategies for mainstreaming innovative green roofs. You will have the chance to experience an inspiring example of a green roof in a social housing project which is beneficial for both climate and people – proof that such rooftops aren’t just a green trend, but a real game-changer for our cities.

Episodes #6 – Golfing as a pretext for nature’s resurgence

Golf isn’t just a sport, it’s a captivating pretext for environmental revival. Discover how golf becomes a transformative force, reshaping landscapes, challenging perceptions, and fostering a thriving biodiversity. Dive into this article and let the Golf Pastorale unveil a world where nature and recreation coalesce, inviting you to witness the magic of a pastoral pretext in action.

Should we care so much about cities?  

suburban spaces_credits_J_Micklewright

We have all heard that the world is becoming increasingly urban. But the reality is that a large part of our urbanised spaces are neither rural nor dense urban centers – they are something in-between. Let’s take a closer look at the type of urban spaces we live in and explore strategies for adapting them to the dynamic challenges of climate change!