Conference: Community garden on JU Campus

Discover the implementation of the community garden at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland! Join us on May 15th for an innovative conference dedicated to exploring the transformative power of community…
NEB event

Rooftops can be more than just green!

Join us in a discussion with scientists, green roof producers and local residents to share insights and strategies for mainstreaming innovative green roofs. You will have the chance to experience…

Podcast Episode #4 – MotherFlower

Step into the lush world of Mother Flower, where blossoms meet innovation! Join Peter Dubek, the green visionary, on a mission to transform our cities. Discover how an app is…

The Secret Life of Urban Wastelands

Explore the hidden biodiversity within urban wastelands and the fascinating perceptions of inhabitants. A journey into the untamed beauty of Brussels' abandoned spaces.

Podcast Episode #2 – Roofscapes Studio

In this episode, you'll witness the captivating transformation of cities through the fusion of nature and architecture with Roofscapes Studio. Join us to experience the Rooftop Revolution unfolding just above…
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Podcast launch

🎙️ Introducing "What's That Green?" Podcast: Cultivating Greener Cities, One Episode at a Time! 🌱

Can urban nature save us money?

If you are a city dweller, you reside amidst a jungle of green and gray. The requirement and benefit of the concrete jungle is not foreign to you, but do…