Behind the What’s That Green? Network

by Fanny Teoule – 05.10.23

Behind the What’s That Green? Network

As I sit down to write this blog post, I can’t help but reminisce about the very beginning of our podcast journey. “What’s That Green?” – a simple yet profound question that has driven us to explore the hidden world behind green cities . 

The introductory episode was a pivotal moment for us, a chance to introduce ourselves and our vision for this podcast. It was a conversation that brought together three passionate individuals, each with a unique story to tell.

I’m Fanny, your host, and in this blog post, I want to take you on a behind-the-scenes journey, sharing not just what we discussed in that inaugural episode, but also the story of how this podcast came to life. Allow me to take you back to that moment when the microphones were first switched on. 

The power of Collaboration 

In our first episode, I had the privilege of introducing you to two remarkable guests, Liza and Julia. They are two PhD candidates and masterminds behind the What’s That Green network. And beyond this trio, we are joined by Natalie and Swanandee. Our backgrounds span across borders and disciplines, from urban planning and architecture to water management and biology. This “What’s That Green” family is as diverse as the cities we aim to transform. This diversity is our strength, providing a unique perspective and fostering a holistic approach to our mission.

Our paths converged in a shared passion: the belief that cities can be transformed into havens for both people and nature.

The What’s That Green Experience 

So, what exactly is the “What’s That Green” network, and why is it so important to us? At the core of What’s That Green lies the pursuit of knowledge, collaboration, and community building. Our activities fall into two primary realms:

  • Knowledge Generation: We translate scientific research into accessible, engaging content. Our blog posts, like this one, aim to simplify complex topics. We share stories of successful projects, unravel the mysteries behind their success, and provide insights for others to embark on similar journeys. Our podcast, where we interview practitioners and change-makers, serves as a medium for knowledge exchange.
  • Community Building: We’re not just a network; we’re a community. We organize events, facilitate collaboration opportunities, and connect like-minded individuals. We’re open to contributions from anyone passionate about our cause, whether you’re a researcher, practitioner, or just a concerned citizen.

Why is it crucial to involve everyone in our quest for greener cities? The answer is simple: cities are complex ecosystems that demand multifaceted solutions. The What’s That Green network is about creating a common ground for everyone and anyone to exchange knowledge and take meaningful action to reintroduce nature into our cities. It’s about demystifying urban infrastructure, making it accessible, and showcasing the benefits it can bring to our communities. We understood  the potential for the What’s That Green network to become a bridge, a hub where ideas could flourish.

Join our green journey 

As I concluded that introductory episode, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of optimism. I believe that through the “What’s That Green” podcast and network, we can make a real impact. We can inspire change and foster collaboration for a more nature-infused urban future. 

So, dear readers, whether you’re a practitioner, an entrepreneur, a scientist, or simply someone curious about the greenery in your city, know that you are part of something special. The seeds of a green revolution have been planted, and together, we’ll watch them grow. 

Until next time, keep it green!


  • Host and Editor: Fanny Téoule 
  • Guests: Liza Fakirova and Julia Micklewright
  • Music composer: Jenny Nedosekina 
  • Transcriber: Christina Risinger
  • Graphic designer: Anastasia Bekasova