Roofscapes Studio: Transforming Cities, One Green Roof at a Time

with Olivier Faber – 02.11.23

In this episode of the “What’s That Green?” podcast, we will explore the fascinating practices of Roofscapes Studio. This innovative startup from France is transforming urban rooftops into vibrant green spaces, making a remarkable impact on our cities. Discover, with Olivier Faber, how Roofscapes Studio is revolutionizing rooftop design and architecture by converting empty roofs into flourishing environments.

A Green Vision for the Future

Allow me to introduce Roofscapes Studio, an innovative company founded by three individuals (Olivier, Eytan and Tim) who were dissatisfied with the building industry’s sluggish progress towards environmental sustainability. Recognizing that many existing buildings across various climates required a transformation, they chose to prioritize revitalizing rooftops structures rather than solely building new ones. Their aim is clear: to transform neglected rooftops into thriving green and accessible spaces.

“We actually should put 90% of our brains on how to adapt the existing building stock rather than building new buildings.” 


Resilient Renovation and Scalable Solutions

Roofscapes’ visionary mission revolves around revitalizing the existing top of buildings. This approach cleverly tackles the energy consumption associated with building from scratch. Moreover, their ambitious agenda aims to fully exploit the vast expanse of unused rooftop areas in our cities, maximizing their potential and making a significant impact.

“When we think about densities, about cities in which there’s biodiversity collapse, cities in which there is urban heat island effect in the summer, where there is water overflowing during storms, all of those problems, well, a third of the surface of the city is roof, and right now it’s not being used.” 


The Multifaceted Impact of Rooftop Transformation

So, what’s the big deal with Roofscapes’ projects? Well, they make cities fresher in more ways than one. Green rooftops offer a multifaceted advantage, providing both temperature regulation and enjoyable spaces for relaxation. Picture enjoying a picnic on a green rooftop while the sun beats down – it’s truly transformative. 

What makes green rooftops even more impressive is their commitment to low-tech, nature-oriented solutions. Gone are the energy-draining air conditioners! By embracing eco-friendly practices, they not only reduce energy consumption but also contribute to greening our urban areas.

“If we don’t do anything, people are just going to put air conditioning in Paris. If you add air conditioning to every home and run it over the summer, that’s going to double the electric consumption of Paris.”


Success through Raising Awareness

Roofscapes aren’t just about transforming buildings; they also aim to transform perspectives. The goal is to inspire people and ignite their enthusiasm for rooftops and the integration of nature in our urban areas. In fact, they recently organized a groundbreaking Rooftop Festival in Paris that gathered individuals from diverse backgrounds, all coming together to explore the potential of rooftops in enhancing our cities. The true test lies in shifting mindsets and fostering greater environmental consciousness among individuals.

“The only problem to climate change, the only problem to the non-sustainability of some of the things that are happening on the planet, is the human brain.”


Elevating our cities 

The Rooftop Revolution led by Roofscapes Studio is not just about greening urban rooftops; it’s about reshaping our cities, fostering community bonds, and changing the way we think about our urban spaces. By adapting and renovating existing structures, we can address climate change and create sustainable, eco-friendly cities that benefit everyone. So, as we conclude this episode, remember that the path to a greener future may start right above our heads, on the rooftops that are waiting to become green oases in the heart of our cities.


  • Host and Editor: Fanny Téoule 
  • Guest: Olivier Faber, co-founder of Roofscapes Studio 
  • Music composer: Jenny Nedosekina 
  • Graphic designer: Anastasia Bekasova