Cultivating Green Cities with Seeds of Change

with Peter Ďubek. – 05.01.24

Welcome, green enthusiasts! In today’s episode of the What’s That Green? podcast, we’re delving into the world of MotherFlower, an ecological movement that’s not just about flowers but about planting seeds of positive change in our cities. Guiding us through this green journey is the visionary behind MotherFlower and its innovative app, Peter Ďubek. 

Cultivating Change: The Mission of Mother Flower 

MotherFlower isn’t your average movement; it’s a revolutionary force on a mission to educate and raise awareness about our environment and climate change. Behind it, Peter is driven by the urgency to make a difference in the face of global warming.

“Our mission is to educate people and bring them the knowledge.” 

The application that MotherFlower developed is a spark for change. Focused on identifying planting activities in cities, starting in Slovakia, Romania, and Poland, the app initiates a friendly competition among elementary schools. Its goal is simple but impactful: 

“Inspire other schools to grow more and understand that the food, the vegetables, herbs don’t grow in the shop.”

The app aims to inspire people to start planting, even if it’s just a small balcony or an indoor space. It’s about cultivating a connection with our food and nature.

Collaboration: The Fertilizer of Success

At the heart of MotherFlower’s impact lies collaboration. Working hand in hand with NGOs, schools, and associations, such as Nausika in Krakow,  has been crucial in nurturing the growth of this movement. It’s about sharing green ideas and showcasing their real-world impact, igniting a passion for change in others.

Every green dream needs support, and MotherFlower started small, with Peter and friends investing their own money. Later, they tapped into Project Erasmus+, leveraging its budget to turn their environmental dreams into reality.

Sowing Rewards: Recognizing Green Efforts

Through this app, MotherFlower has developed a competition to stimulate people’s participation. The competition among schools organized by MotherFlower is more than a race; it’s about recognition. Winners receive stickers with the Mother Flower logo, budgets for seeds and plants, and sustainable bags for teachers. 

The positive impact is evident, with growing participation from “35 schools in Slovakia’s first competition to 20,000 pupils now engaged in the project”.

Support the Movement

As we wrap up this episode, remember – every seed planted counts. Join MotherFlower’s journey, support the app, and let’s transform our cities together, inspiring everyone to plant. 

Head over to their website at They’ve also launched crowdfunding on, aiming to expand the app’s categories, covering home, community gardens, vertical gardens, and green roofs.


  • Host and Editor: Fanny Téoule 
  • Guest: Peter Ďubek, MotherFlower 
  • Music composer: Jenny Nedosekina 
  • Graphic designer: Julia Micklewright