Legal perspectives on sustainable urban mobility

with Simon Beuneux – 05.02.24

Welcome to another riveting episode of the “What’s That Green?” podcast. Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the realm of sustainable mobility with our insightful guest, Simon Beuneux. Join us as we unravel the legal intricacies and environmental perspectives shaping the future of urban development.

Legal insights into sustainable mobility:

Simon’s legal expertise shines as he advocates for the promotion of cycling and the development of a robust sustainable mobility strategy in France. His words echo the urgent need to integrate sustainable practices into urban infrastructure.

We have to promote it, offer it to the people.”

Collaborating for success:

Simon unveils the challenges and triumphs of the PL-12 project, showcasing the complexities of creating sustainable transport links. He shares invaluable collaboration tools, emphasizing the importance of public engagement, informative sessions, and open dialogue for project success.

“It was really interesting to protect the project but also the neighbors of the project. We created discussions between all these different parties to avoid conflicts.”

In the legal arena, Simon emphasizes the significance of respecting urbanism laws and specific construction regulations. Lawyers play a pivotal role in steering projects towards sustainable practices, advocating for environmental laws to shape the future of urban mobility.

Greening the city:

Sustainable mobility indeed promotes a greener city – less carbon emissions, reduced noise, and increased space for parks and pedestrian areas. The positive impact on urban environmental well-being is a testament to the transformative power of sustainable practices.

Developing public transportation and sustainable mobility is really promoting a greener city.”

Is the future of mobility green? 

Simon shares his enthusiasm for projects like the Nantes Island, showcasing the evolving trends where urban development seamlessly intertwines with green initiatives. These initiatives promise a brighter, more sustainable future for cities.

“The project will permit the citizens to have one more park, and Nantes already has the reputation to have the most part of green space per inhabitants in France.”

As we wrap up, we issue a call to action. Let’s shift our mindset and actively embrace sustainable practices – whether it’s opting for public transportation, cycling, or reconsidering frequent flights. Simon’s words resonate:

“We all have to work on our state of mind for sustainable mobility.”

This isn’t just Simon’s story; it’s a collective narrative of reshaping the future of urban mobility. It’s time to change our state of mind, as Simon passionately advocates. Let’s start with reimagining how we use our cars on a daily basis. 


  • Host and Editor: Fanny Téoule 
  • Guest: Simon Beuneux, in-house legal consultant
  • Music composer: Jenny Nedosekina 
  • Graphic designer: Julia Micklewright