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Image credit: Ishika Alim, What’s That Green


Munich has made a  significant step towards sustainable urban living  with a mandate requiring green roofs on all newly developed residential areas. However, the quest for sustainability doesn’t end here. Research shows that green roofs can and must be more than just green! They can be valuable for energy efficiency, biodiversity, water harvesting, and social activities of residents. Although those who bring these ideas to reality are the green roof producers which guarantee innovative solutions.

How does the future of mass-produced green roofs look like? How to make  them easy to implement and cost-effective?  And how to combine those solutions  with the needs of the community?

Join us in a discussion with scientists, green roof producers and local residents to share insights and strategies for mainstreaming innovative green roofs. You will have the chance to experience an inspiring  example of a green roof in a social housing project which is beneficial for both  climate and people – proof that such  rooftops aren’t just a green trend, but a real game-changer for our cities.


18.30 – Visit of a community rooftop

  • Thomas Kremer, Wogeno board member
  • Konrad Bucher, resident & Stadtacker

19:00 – Discussion on mainstreaming innovative green roofs

  • Markus Elsperger, Knauf Insulation
  • Wolfgang Weisser, Animal Aided Design
  • Andreas Rockinger, Landscape architect

Rewatch the full conference!

The event took place on the rooftop of the social housing project constructed by WOGENO München eG.

Image credits: WOGENO München eG