Event series: Rooftops can be more than just green!

with Markus Elsperger, Wolfgang Weisser,  Andreas Rockinger – 07.05.24

Welcome to the What’s That Green Podcast, where we explore how to bring nature back into our cities and inspire positive change. In this special episode, we take you on a journey to Munich, where our very first event, hosted by the New European Bauhaus festival unfolded, exploring the theme of Rooftops. 

The event emerged from a collaboration between What’s That Green? and Roofscapes Studio. Held on April 16th, it promised to delve into the multifaceted potential of rooftop spaces.


Exploring the rooftop concept 

The evening began with a captivating visit to a rooftop garden on top of an apartment building in Munich, developed by the Wogeno housing cooperative. Led by Thomas Kremmer and landscape architect Konrad Bucher, participants witnessed firsthand the integration of a productive garden, community terrace, and solar panels, all harmoniously coexisting.

The event then transitioned into a series of enlightening presentations and discussions featuring experts from various domains: 

  • Markus Elsperger (Knauf Insulation): Shed light on Knauf’s innovative green roof products, emphasizing the pivotal role of energy efficiency in building insulation and the ripple effect on biodiversity.
  • Wolfgang Weisser (TU Munich, Animal Aided Design): Introduced the concept of animal aided design, showcasing how it harmonizes the needs of both fauna and humans in architectural planning, fostering coexistence.
  • Andreas Rockinger (Landscape Architect, ByAK Consultant): Shared insights from his rich portfolio of projects, highlighting the growing demand for green roofs that seamlessly blend recreational spaces, energy production, and biodiversity conservation.

Balancing needs

The heart of the discussion revolved around balancing the diverse needs of biodiversity, energy efficiency, and human recreation on rooftops. Wolfgang Weisser emphasized integrative biodiverse solutions, while Markus Elsperger stressed the long-term benefits of green roofs in mitigating environmental impacts. Andreas Rockinger emphasized the importance of collaboration and showcasing successful examples to inspire further adoption. Together, they explored solutions to overcome challenges such as cost, regulatory barriers, and shifting industry paradigms.

As the discussion unfolded, it became evident that the potential of green roofs extends far beyond mere aesthetics. It’s about reshaping urban landscapes, fostering biodiversity, and creating sustainable communities.

From Munich’s rooftops to cities worldwide, the journey to a greener future begins with a single step. Let’s seize the opportunity to transform our urban landscapes into vibrant havens that nurture biodiversity, foster community engagement, and pave the way for a sustainable tomorrow. Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Until next time, stay green!


  • Host and Editor: Julia Micklewright
  • Guests:  Markus Elsperger, Knauf Insulation; Wolfgang Weisser, TUM & Animal Aided Design; Andreas Rockinger, Landscape architect & ByAK consultant
  • Moderator: Liza Fakirova , Julia Micklewright
  • Music composer: Jenny Nedosekina and Serge Pavkin
  • Graphic designer: Julia Micklewright