Event Series: Rooftops can be more than just green!

Embark on a rooftop adventure with this special episode, marking the start of our thrilling Event Series. Discover the power of green rooftops as we delve into biodiversity, community engagement, and sustainability. From Munich’s rooftop gardens to insightful discussions, learn how rooftops can unite humans and nature. Recorded live from our very first event on April 16th.

Episodes #6 – Golfing as a pretext for nature’s resurgence

Golf isn’t just a sport, it’s a captivating pretext for environmental revival. Discover how golf becomes a transformative force, reshaping landscapes, challenging perceptions, and fostering a thriving biodiversity. Dive into this article and let the Golf Pastorale unveil a world where nature and recreation coalesce, inviting you to witness the magic of a pastoral pretext in action.